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Author Topic: OF 4.7 brightness mod  (Read 3540 times)

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OF 4.7 brightness mod
« on: May 21, 2009, 05:42:09 PM »
OF 4.7 brightness mod

First of all I need to mention that this mod is a hack or call it a workaround,

it`s NOT a fix

updated mod, sorry for the confusion guys.

This patch requires that you run Falcon 4 with OpenFalcon 4.7 installed!

Copy the LS_OF47_brightness_mod.exe into your Falcon4 folder
and run it.
Make sure the executable points to X:\yourFalcon4path\F4-BMS.exe!
Enable OF47_brightness_mod, hit "Apply Changes" then "Exit".

... Done!

This mod is not multiplayer critical and changes the brightness and sun position in OF 4.7.

If you are flying a simple TE at 12h00, now the sun seems to be in a similar position like in OF 4.3
(way more above than originally OF 4.7) and therefore OF 4.7 is now (nearly?) bright as OF 4.3 again.
This will also brighten the gray trail smoke etc.

The sunrise start now around 6h20, and the sunset will end around 17h30.
Therefore the 2D cockpit loadtimes are adjusted to:
// When the 2D daypit is loaded
set g_fdpitStart 0615
// When the 2D nightpit is loaded
set g_fdpitStop 1710

Negative points:
- the night is not that dark as OF 4.5 and the clouds are white (not all the time).
- the moon is only there in "low position" when you fly at around 18h00.
- the stars position are incorrect for korea
- darker shading on some buildings during sunrise/sunset

This mod will affect the korea theater only.
If you would like to have the brightness mod in other theaters,
(let's say in Balkans theater for example)
Enable OF47_brightness_mod, hit "Apply Changes" then "Exit".
Now copy
X:\Microprose\Falcon4\terrdata\Korea\weather\weath er.ini
X:\Microprose\Falcon4\terrdata\Balkans\weather\wea ther.ini
and let override the existing weather.ini.
... Done!

If you don't like my brightness mod, don't use it,
otherwise enjoy!

Skwabie for beta testing.
Joel Bierling for the F4Patch utiliy.

This is a free, third-party mod and is provided "as-is",
without any express or implied warranty. Use it at your own risk.
In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising
from the use of this mod.
Permission is granted to anyone to use or modify this mod
for any NON-COMERCIAL purpose.

Link temporary removed, because it seems I had not the originally *.cfg file.
(I`ve too much modded files here, LOL)
... and therefore you`ll get an error when you apply the patch.

Can someone please confirm the following values at the end of OF 4.7 falconbms.cfg?

// When the 2D daypit is loaded
set g_fdpitStart 0500

// When the 2D nightpit is loaded
set g_fdpitStop 2330

Thank`s in advance.

In the meantime some screenies

Sun posistion (flying straight)

Trail smoke etc.

Brighter shadow side

Brighter jet/objects/terrain

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